October is coming to an end. It feels like a moment of transformation.

This means we have to transform all the energies and thoughts we have carried so far, up to this moment, into a new energy to lead towards the winter with courage and positivity.

It’s not pleasant to see the days getting darker and shorter, but we gotta keep going.

Take time to connect to Nature, hug trees and absorb all the colours of transformation.

Take time to feel the music travelling through your body cells and then connect to people and their Soul. Breathe with the intent of cleansing your spirit so as to be able to enter into a new phase following the flow of this conductive quintessential transformation.

It’s about staying grounded, allowing moments of truth to become progressive steps into that ‘rite of passage’ about being positive, because ‘an optimistic mind is an honest mind’ and that should be enough to think that everything is possible in life, gotta live it !


Location: LONDON