His love for music begins very early, during the 11 years spent in the Dominican Republic. This encounter, made of Latin rhythms, starts the musical genre contamination that, to this day, distinguishes his productions. Lover of Funky, Disco, Boogie, Afro, and Tribal, his music portrays a fascinating mix of genres, intertwined in a fusion that combines the old and the new according to a personal reinterpretation, respectful of the past but constantly innovative.


Musta project is rhythm, is exploring, is experimenting: in his pieces, we find a powerful ancestral call, where drums and percussions mark the rhythm, combined with contemporary harmonies from Electronic, Jazz, Hip-Hop, and House music.

His tracks speak of colours, encounters, and circumstances embedded in the mind, that are introduced to us with a rhythmic charge in continued evolution.

It is not rare to find, in Musta’s sounds, unconventional impulses coming up from the past: it’s here that the imperfections from the vintage recordings acquire value becoming an important source of inspiration, from which Musta draws to create original and innovative sounds, a unique mood that finds an authentic harmony in the artist reinterpretation.

In 2018, together with internationally renowned DJ Stefano Rittieri, Musta founds the label Viaggio Recordings, responsible to this day for the production of four albums, both vinyl and digital. In 2019 “Mangiamo” is released, a fusion of vocals, Afro, Funk, sax, percussions, and bass, number one for several months in the Afro Latin Brazilian section of the Traxsource chart.

At the moment, Musta is working with some of the most important labels of the scene and with internationally and nationally prominent musicians of the House and Disco scene.

Location: ALGHERO