It was 1995 when the MOSSA group was born from the meeting of a group of promoters, artists, graphic designers and DJ’s, united by the passion for music, in particular for that of African American origin, animated by the desire to create a cutting edge music scene. The common goal was to offer quality musical entertainment on the model of what was happening in the European capital of music, London, which some of the members of the group had visited. At that time the local dance scene but in general the Italian and international one was submerged by the phenomenon of commercial and techno music. In response to this phenomenon, the acid jazz scene had developed in Great Britain, which alternatively offered a blend of Soul, Jazz and Funk from both past and present. The MOSSA group then began to organize events dedicated to the sound of black music, managing to attract an increasingly large and interested audience. The places where these events, which involved both live bands and DJs, took place were the classic discos.
Location: SASSARI