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Ritual was born from the dream and the genius of Andres Flore, officially opened August 6, 1970, immediately becomes a reference point for the island’s nightlife.

A granite castle rises on a hill just outside of Baja Sardinia.

An extraordinary work of art in harmony with the surrounding nature; Flore preferred to define its Ritual a scene and did not like to talk about architectural work, but as not to admit of being in front of a perfect example of organic architecture.

Landscape and human work naturally appear interconnected, the Ritual seems, in fact, arise spontaneously from the rock and the surrounding vegetation. The construction scheme Spiral selected by Andres, charging his “baby” with meaning and symbolism esoteric.


Every part of the room has been studied specifically in close relation to its position in relation to the landscape and the stars.


The Ritual, was one of the first restaurants in the world to move from his DJ booth isolated the focus of disco console.

Born in the golden years of the Costa Smeralda, the venue, he found himself in perfect line with the great cultural ferment of the time.

The clientele has always been highly differentiated and varied; since the early years, in the same evening, they meet, intellectuals, people from the entertainment world, entrepreneurs and ordinary tourists to discover the beauty of Sardinia.

Today the enchanted castle of Baja Sardinia, continues to be the undisputed protagonist of the summer nights of the coast.

Every summer the Ritual offers a wide and varied program of evenings and international guests enliven the cave until dawn.