“tiak” started as “tiaktikhali” back in 2013, playing Roots & Dub during sessions and festivals in the Sardinian Reggae Scene, with the Families & Crews (Jah’l’Sas Sound System, Shakalaka Sound System, Canapa Sound System and Natural Mystic Sound System).

Since 2017 he started a new adventure as “tiak”, starting a new kind research opening the focus. Funk, Soul, Jazz, Blues, Afrobeat, Soukous, Highlife, Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Folk, Cumbia, Bossa Nova became his new companions. 50’s-70’s are the years that attract him the most. Main territories that he likes to explore musically Ghana, Colombia, Brazil, Nigeria, Iran, India, Maroco, Etiopia, Peru, Turkey…

Aiming to find special vibrations, drums, traditional instruments, rare, wonderful tunes


Location: SASSARI