Class 90 ‘marta martinez since childhood finds her reason for living in music .. from a very young age of 7 she starts studying piano in a municipal school in her country, then at the age of 12 she decides to enroll in the conservatory .

Where unfortunately due to force majeure you cannot finish your studies, at the same time you approach the world of dance becoming a professional dancer, and from here you start to frequent the night clubs, working as an animator .

Lover of electronic music and clubber life turns Europe by attending the best techno clubs, frequent visitor to Berlin .. for two years he has decided to move to the other side and start his career as a DJ, his sets range from electro to acid, to 90s trance and then to techno from 130 bpm upwards .. she loves hard and determined electronic sounds, begins to emerge and slowly makes its way between the various clubs in Sardinia, in March 2020 closes a date in Berlin.

Location: Array