Antonio Esse originally from Sardinia, precisely from Olbia, born on April 1, 1988.

He enters the world of clubs and music in 2004.

Influenced by the Dessen Duo, he increasingly refines his technique and musical taste and after a few years he starts playing in the clubs of the area up to collaborating with large companies such as Country Club (Porto Rotondo) Estasi’s Disco (Santa Teresa di Gallura), collaborating with artists such as Mario Più, Reynold, Dessen Duo, Ivan Iacobucci, Salvatore Stallone etc.

In 2013 he moved to London and began a collaboration as a PR at JADED London, making space as a DJ at Caffe 1001 in Briklane east London and in various private parties and boat parties. Currently he has started a new journey as a content creator with live dj set performances on Twitch TV.

Sound-exhibitions was founded in 2010 as a club for lovers of alternative music.

After a close collaboration with various international artists we decided to create our own label. Sound-exhibitions-records was founded in October of 2012 located in Olbia in Sardinia Italy.

Location: OLBIA