Quite an interesting eclectic choice of music for this OpenUp#7 #lockdown2 journey.
Remembering master Cuban percussionist Candido, celebrating 80 years of Tom Moulton, channelling the good spirits to understand diversity and going full circle.

Lost in rhythms, lost in the depth of music with a message, searching for answers or reminders: life is such a funky – sexy journey with music around us so we should never be dismissive and yes,  most definitely ‘you can dig it baby’.
It’s about being consciously alive, feeling, flowing, generating body heat, shaking up the body cells, embracing the cosmic energy and exchanging it for it to manifest.
We are transmitters, my message from me to you, without excluding myself, is about being humble and safe, about being gentle, open and caring for one another.
Bottom line, there is no better place in this world than our own life, this is the ultimate essence of it all and cannot be escaped: we gotta engage with it and as they say, we are going to be okay.

In a world that is changing we got to be unconditionally prepared to change for the sake of the beauty of this ONE-world. Music is love. Music is life.

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