OpenUP#10 and the healing power of sound to create order out of chaos.


Music as the answer to our needs to feel connected to our brothers and sisters. Music as a way to evoke feelings and overcome our deepest sense of loss.
The sonic experience is one of the deepest we can appreciate to have been exposed to through times, as this experience effectively starts with the magical unconscious tuning to our mother’s heartbeat since the moment of our conception.
Even more than visual arts music talks directly to our bodies, minds and spirits continuing resonating with us until the end of our time.
When we listen to music our senses all engage and, with no distractions pushed by images and other special effects, we are left with our emotions which is where Music roots its foundations and eternally stays with us.
OpenUP#10 is a tribute to Music as our means to overcome sadness and as a vehicle to lift our frequencies so that our energy flows can continue pulsing without locking into negative paths of despair.
In times like this, between the major scare of the pandemic and the sudden unexpected loss of most remarkable music genius Chick Corea all I can say to Music and to all my fellow humans is this:
‘You’re Everything’ and for this, let’s be reminded, Music is the way out of our deepest sorrows. It’s the magic tool we need to overcome the fears we have globally experienced which have so far affected our moods. Stay strong.
Let’s play Music to be reminded that together we exist for one another even when we happen to be physically and geographically far away.
Music is love. Music is life. Music is the universal language of our souls.
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