It’s always the same I guess when closing a circle while reflecting of what made that circle spinning and continuing to adjust and evolve so that the purpose of life can continue unfolding…. this is a selection that follows the steps of an intimate quest and the wish for brighter moments to reveal themselves and show the path to a new beginning.

Fair to say that winter, mid-winter in fact is the time when also Nature lets go of everything hanging free from the frenzy of life that defines Her in warmer seasons.

There we go, if me-we manage to stay focused in this quiet nonetheless fully inspired time of the year and of this particular cycle of life well, maybe it would be like having managed to get hold of the key that opens that door to new beginnings.
Hang in there, stay strong, tune in to the rhythm of life, your soul will catch itself flowing into the dance of life while patiently rejoining as the best is yet to come.
Wishing you all an amazing 2022.
#Ok,Ci Sto via Stefania Di Pierro new album ‘Dichiarazioni d’Amore’
Cover art : Tiffanie Delune, No More Battlefields, Only Flowers, 2021
Location: LONDON