Wishing everyone a safe transition into our new normality as we come out to breathe post-lockdown.

Opening my 20 tracks selection with music to sooth, channel and create resonance.
It’s all about reflecting on the quintessential need we have, as humans, to unify and raise above the gravity in which we have recently been and for such an unexpected long time.
It’s about believing and supporting one another with a particular eye opened on the painful life of refugees (check out Dj Khalab and M’berra Ensamble an album made thanks and, to support INTERSOS a charity which aim to help people in danger victims of warzones and natural calamities) and those who live in fear and oppression – where the meaning of life and basic human rights keeps being violated.
Essentially the key to life is L-O-V-E and, as we cannot escape that I hope you will enjoy my heartfelt selection which closes with an open invitation: ‘Vivre, vivre, vivre….’ (Pierre Barouh, 1966 #IwasNot EvenBorn)


Location: LONDON