Ongoing Via Trinità 161 there is a difficult definition.

The most correct is perhaps that of community: of spaces, precisely, of projects, a community that has a precise idea about the city.

We have a seat, not by chance, in the historic center of Sassari, overlooking the historic walls and the Rosello Valley: we could not escape the vitality of a beautiful and abused area.

We are so many and well-intentioned, and that is why we do so many things.

There is a bar / library / cultural center that, in addition to giving you the opportunity to drink and eat in a built environment to feel at home – literally the furniture of our parents, our aunts – will allow you to buy books (in collaboration with the Koinè bookstore), participate in the cineforum, see book presentations, study and more, but really much more.

And then shared work spaces, occupied by, in strictly alphabetical order:

– Arci – Territorial Committee of Sassari
– Ethics Bank

– New Aguaplano Cineclub

– Sarvex

– Tamalacà

– Tonikà – graphic agency